I Spend $1700 on Microtech Knives
9 Weirdest Things on Amazon #31
6 Weirdest Gadgets on Amazon
Stanley Loh
Stanley Loh 3 jam yang lalu
I just learning Open wine also
Albert Dunisch
Albert Dunisch 4 jam yang lalu
Are there any fun Russian products?
Priya Dubale
Priya Dubale 4 jam yang lalu
How satisfying that the butter blocks fit almost perfectly in all the gajiks😃😂❤️
Aday Madaday
Aday Madaday 4 jam yang lalu
That's an awfully hot tea pot
Priya Dubale
Priya Dubale 4 jam yang lalu
2:35 what an unboxing 😂😂😂 poor box😂😂❤️
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly 4 jam yang lalu
It says an 1881-S graded can be about 300$ Dollars a coin. So I would say, it's probably worth it. (: (;
Piyush Solanki
Piyush Solanki 4 jam yang lalu
5:40 boom BLAST .LOL
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly 5 jam yang lalu
Grill Gun Vs Marshmallow & Hot Dogs, Bruh!! (: (;
Blossom Ramos
Blossom Ramos 5 jam yang lalu
My mom had a purple coin bag like that and it was my entertainment at church 😂
C Woodbury
C Woodbury 5 jam yang lalu
I’ve seen those thumb cutting things before, I think they were advised as for picking/cutting fruit and veggies of the plants. They’re actually quite helpful for when picking things like squash off the vines 👍🏼
TheThomaspreciado 5 jam yang lalu
Why do you shake so much?
First Cade
First Cade 5 jam yang lalu
You should do another MRE
Priya Dubale
Priya Dubale 6 jam yang lalu
4:43 loved how he aggressively opened the box and then started playing with the bubble wrap😂😂😂❤️
Tom Ander
Tom Ander 6 jam yang lalu
*drinks lemon tea* "WOWWW... Reminds me of Russia"
Tom Ander
Tom Ander 6 jam yang lalu
Imagine preparing to ambush the enemy side and you see this dude preparing his food on a rock yelling "theres some potatus and onyuns. Theres so much food and sweets"
Torbjorn 6 jam yang lalu
Your flame is bigger
Muataz Jabri
Muataz Jabri 6 jam yang lalu
Wait, vanilla in coffee in Coca-Cola? Lol
TheGreatGizzo 6 jam yang lalu
Nice selection! Does anyone know what brand/make the last one is?
Ronin User
Ronin User 6 jam yang lalu
Wham! Bacon.
Nobody's Dream
Nobody's Dream 7 jam yang lalu
Of course is a flamethrower, he's the only person who buys a flamethrower and shows it like it was a toy or a gadget
Caster Troy Balo
Caster Troy Balo 7 jam yang lalu
"safty" what a madlad
Cds Management
Cds Management 7 jam yang lalu
Sean Leak
Sean Leak 7 jam yang lalu
is it just me who thinks he was supposed to leave the ice in the mold
SlizaButt 7 jam yang lalu
Did they send you like every knife they have?
Doku CoOkie
Doku CoOkie 7 jam yang lalu
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw 7 jam yang lalu
A bunch of junk lol
Brent Fowler
Brent Fowler 7 jam yang lalu
I wanna see the rating and all that. I love learning about cash and coins my friend.
RiggsN15 7 jam yang lalu
Anyone ever get a like or a return comment from CRH?? Wondering if he actually reads any comments
Ron Spina
Ron Spina 8 jam yang lalu
Very cool 👍🏼😎😊🤟🏼💙💚
Tyson Mcdonald
Tyson Mcdonald 8 jam yang lalu
4:30 what about your other hand?? 😂
Ahmad Musa
Ahmad Musa 8 jam yang lalu
Who is still here
Timothy Fogarty
Timothy Fogarty 8 jam yang lalu
I heard a rumor that he used frozen ice cream
BRYTE Kru 8 jam yang lalu
You can tell how genuinely excited he is by how much he's shaking.
Dominic Matthews
Dominic Matthews 5 jam yang lalu
That's from all the meth he smokes.
tuguldurnom Otgondorj
tuguldurnom Otgondorj 9 jam yang lalu
glory to tymur sabirov
davidgerow 9 jam yang lalu
Taras finds the most fantastic gadgets.
Joyce Heim
Joyce Heim 9 jam yang lalu
Hi crazy Russian Hacker, when are you going to do MRE's again?
Mr. Ep3c
Mr. Ep3c 9 jam yang lalu
So that’s where all the toilet paper went
Darren Thomson
Darren Thomson 9 jam yang lalu
Thanks for the splitting tips ...
jgordonyyz 9 jam yang lalu
That is so crazy. Boom.
June Haumann Smith
June Haumann Smith 9 jam yang lalu
I would like to see more on the Coins, its very interesting
Adam Dalaly
Adam Dalaly 10 jam yang lalu
rokwaho 10 jam yang lalu
I googled it intending to order it but found it has been recalled by the maker. "GrillBlazer Recalls Propane Torch Guns Due to Fire Hazard." Bummer.
the prophet ez1
the prophet ez1 9 jam yang lalu
That makes it more collectable.
Logan One
Logan One 10 jam yang lalu
Grillgun $172 ON Amazon alittle pricey
JESTA 11 jam yang lalu
Taras opening the womans coin purse 🤣🤣 (adults will get me!)!!
LotusFlowerBmb 11 jam yang lalu
Something so endearing about "is it unspins?" ☺️ lol 9:05
sarvesh TheInventer
sarvesh TheInventer 11 jam yang lalu
Do a 5 days camping with that kit.
Sameer Rajakumar
Sameer Rajakumar 11 jam yang lalu
Do a review of your home theatre & show it off to us
Sirtornado 11 jam yang lalu
Where do I get one
RV SARAH 11 jam yang lalu
I want one to BLOW away those rioters if they come to my home.
Trina McDaniel
Trina McDaniel 11 jam yang lalu
i think i cut myself YA THINK????!!!!!
Dani Fainshtein
Dani Fainshtein 11 jam yang lalu
Im kinda fed up with the coins stuff
Dee Herrera
Dee Herrera 11 jam yang lalu
Definitely like to see the grades!!
Kayasper 11 jam yang lalu
Would you think such a knife could cut your finger? Boom!
Bob Costino
Bob Costino 11 jam yang lalu
All those trees were blocking the view. Glad to see them gone.
AKA gaming
AKA gaming 11 jam yang lalu
i am always speed up for all him video may be just me do that 😶😶😶
Shawn_Wolf_2727 12 jam yang lalu
That Grill Gun would be perfect for melting ice on my driveway during the winter.
the prophet ez1
the prophet ez1 9 jam yang lalu
Or burning weeds off them in the summer.
Alexton rahdeeo
Alexton rahdeeo 12 jam yang lalu
Emotional roller coaster
Sheila Mae Quirino
Sheila Mae Quirino 12 jam yang lalu
I wonder why you always have wound in your knuckle?
LogitechXibanga 12 jam yang lalu
2:02 me when i see a spider
Dark Sphere 99
Dark Sphere 99 12 jam yang lalu
Grill torch Taras that’s a whole flamethrower my guy xD
George Kepnick
George Kepnick 12 jam yang lalu
to transport propane bottle place in plastic or metal milk carton that's made to hold 4 gallons of milk
Swift 12 jam yang lalu
im thinking of making a new kite model for Kitesurfing since kites are very exspensive
Abdenour Abdenour
Abdenour Abdenour 12 jam yang lalu
I love what you do
A very cool person
A very cool person 12 jam yang lalu
Flamethrower 4000 dollar “there pretty collectible” a flamethrower is a collectible very cool
A very cool person
A very cool person 12 jam yang lalu
Yes good weapon
last one
last one 13 jam yang lalu
Flamethrower boost... let's see how many RL players are here
LAURA-LEE Laberge 13 jam yang lalu
That 1st Grill torch is very similar to a tiger torch used in flat roofing.
the maker
the maker 13 jam yang lalu
Get the " boring flamethrower" cheap
Syed Reyan
Syed Reyan 13 jam yang lalu
A survival kit without a compass? Like a car without engine...
OMEGA Niru 13 jam yang lalu
jeffery hamilton
jeffery hamilton 13 jam yang lalu
The flamethrower was so cool.
CrashMasta 14 jam yang lalu
Dabbing on a whole new level
Артем Колосов
Артем Колосов 14 jam yang lalu
Nothing 14 jam yang lalu
I love how messy and careless he is 😂
JEFF HARDING 14 jam yang lalu
Would a small ninja blender from wal-mart do just as well, only quicker?
Stauroula tr
Stauroula tr 14 jam yang lalu
if you can show some airsoft guns i would love it
Toni Benedict
Toni Benedict 14 jam yang lalu
I like that second one...where to get it ??
Michael J. Smith
Michael J. Smith 14 jam yang lalu
The one looked like a Buck Prince folding kine at around 14:20 or so, they go for around 50$
Shy Owl
Shy Owl 14 jam yang lalu
wish there was a tourniquet tbh
Crazy Classics
Crazy Classics 15 jam yang lalu