10 EDC Gadgets Actually Worth Buying #2

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6 Weirdest Gadgets on Amazon - idpost.info/clone/video/g6-128iptnequaw
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Northeast Transport_1
Northeast Transport_1 6 hari yang lalu
My guy with CP hat
The Fisherman
The Fisherman 8 hari yang lalu
Knife holder is cool but most of my fixed blade knives are too big for it
thewouternl 21 hari yang lalu
Ilario 11
Ilario 11 Bulan Yang lalu
which shampoo do you use ?
s. Kay
s. Kay Bulan Yang lalu
The brand of the hat is C.P
Jlutie Bulan Yang lalu
If the cops in California saw that knife holder You would be shot
Jeremy Blevins
Jeremy Blevins Bulan Yang lalu
Edc knife holder cup holder lol. That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Zelda Connection
Zelda Connection Bulan Yang lalu
LOL what a coincident, i have the same Mini Olíght by my self and wow, that is a lil beast ;-)
Donna Hakimbaba
Donna Hakimbaba Bulan Yang lalu
now we just need the outro and the world will go back to normal
Leopoldo Cagnone
Leopoldo Cagnone Bulan Yang lalu
Like Hancoock (the movie with Will Smith) 🤣
BluRey Bulan Yang lalu
0:31 or when youre going to rob someone
Craig Theise
Craig Theise Bulan Yang lalu
a video id really like to see is where your trying on different shock collars and put them to the test :P
Coyote Annabis
Coyote Annabis Bulan Yang lalu
My friends boat has about a dozen cup holders, so my first thought was using the knife holder for fishing knives...
Laura Conrod
Laura Conrod Bulan Yang lalu
I’d rock that hat in a blizzard!
Derk Hart
Derk Hart Bulan Yang lalu
The hat with the googles, how would you wash it without scratching the lens.
JayJ Bulan Yang lalu
lol knife cup holder, I bet Vorhees Inc. designed this?!
your mom
your mom Bulan Yang lalu
The only use I can see for the cup holder thing is to put it in a 4 wheeler or snowmobile on a hunt. But at that point there's plenty of better options than that
HelmutDoork Bulan Yang lalu
I think you are probably better off with a diy altoids kit than the black and orange kit which broke immediately.
Flávio Thozo
Flávio Thozo Bulan Yang lalu
Derek M
Derek M Bulan Yang lalu
i love u
Bruna Maia
Bruna Maia Bulan Yang lalu
This beanie looks like a ant or an insect
ben Hockkey
ben Hockkey Bulan Yang lalu
Anybody else see that orb at around 7:34 ?
feeham Bulan Yang lalu
Virsifti izz tup prirotti
Mohammad Samavat
Mohammad Samavat Bulan Yang lalu
I like the first one ❤️❤️❤️
Teslarossa Bulan Yang lalu
Hope you will buy an cybertruck! put it to the test 👏🏼
Beth Sukle
Beth Sukle Bulan Yang lalu
Am I the only one who misses the videos with the dogs?
kitty plays
kitty plays Bulan Yang lalu
I'd rather see a tornado than a snow storm tbh
bansheemania Bulan Yang lalu
Im using that hat to go Shopping
Riko Hermansyah
Riko Hermansyah Bulan Yang lalu
can you review something in russian for once ? with subtitle ofc. might be interesting.
bush j
bush j Bulan Yang lalu
Do a review about streamlight newest stinger 2020
krnekipac1 Bulan Yang lalu
Freemelly 6
Freemelly 6 Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy Russian Hacker grew well
Jayden-510 Bulan Yang lalu
Who remembers when he used to do life hacks and experiments
Pratham Mishra
Pratham Mishra Bulan Yang lalu
loving the intro ❤❤
KAMIKAZE Bulan Yang lalu
He looks like Putin 😂
Kalle Vee
Kalle Vee Bulan Yang lalu
Everyday caring gadgets? 🤔
Bob Shepherd
Bob Shepherd Bulan Yang lalu
fat albert cartoon guy
coco teng
coco teng Bulan Yang lalu
cool video!!👍👍
Todd Meadahl
Todd Meadahl Bulan Yang lalu
Lots of junk
Ivan Leterror
Ivan Leterror Bulan Yang lalu
Black knife looks more like the stealth fighter profile.
Old Yooper
Old Yooper Bulan Yang lalu
Yes definitely a bunch of knifes in your cup holder for you know, when you get hungry while driving just mount a cutting board on your dash so you can slice and dice your meat and veggies for when you get where you're going.
Richard Calalang
Richard Calalang Bulan Yang lalu
Why would you need a knife holder in your conveyance? Quite strange. Side by side makes more sense. Good call Sir.
Jordan Charette
Jordan Charette Bulan Yang lalu
Keep testing Gadgics Taras!
Hrtbrkentertainment Bulan Yang lalu
You look like mr.freeze with the skully googles
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ Bulan Yang lalu
Like that leg bag thing
Jay Arr
Jay Arr Bulan Yang lalu
U look like the character from fat Albert with the beanie
Punk_Parrot Bulan Yang lalu
12:34 this tool probably my favorite in my tool bag - it is so useful and practical!
ko_osagar Bulan Yang lalu
Will love to see house update may be another house tour?
Chris Viera
Chris Viera Bulan Yang lalu
Home theater engaged... 🎥
ali bean
ali bean Bulan Yang lalu
This guys trying to get mans bagged 😂😂
yes Bulan Yang lalu
PDXblazinfan Bulan Yang lalu
Michael Meyers would ❤️ the knife cup holder devise. 🔪🔪🔪
lasiv7 Bulan Yang lalu
Are showing off your home theater? I'm jealous
MAQUINA seahawksgoonie
MAQUINA seahawksgoonie Bulan Yang lalu
I would wear the beanie for ice fishing... snow blindness is real!
benjamin felland
benjamin felland Bulan Yang lalu
Why knives in a cup holder....
dave oneil
dave oneil Bulan Yang lalu
Id wear the hat to rob a bank
Souhail Belhadi
Souhail Belhadi Bulan Yang lalu
Only Miles Morales could rock that hat from the beginning.
ranjit bijoy
ranjit bijoy Bulan Yang lalu
We all love it when Tara's say "This is funny.."
Jonathan Kulesa
Jonathan Kulesa Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah, you know, a cup holder for your... knives... 😂
Jody Bulan Yang lalu
Try explaining that to a Police Officer lol
Macedonia Timeless
Macedonia Timeless Bulan Yang lalu
This man is sick ! Hahaha 6:55 - " There is a lighter and brighter "
Tru Maverick
Tru Maverick Bulan Yang lalu
EDC gadgets! Thought we were gonna Roll and Rave!!!
Extremist Bulan Yang lalu
Jesse Delariva
Jesse Delariva Bulan Yang lalu
Why are there less gadgets and bags and stuff
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor Bulan Yang lalu
"Keramic." It's pronounced like Seramic just so you know :p
karlos bracero
karlos bracero Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahha when u get to your "DESTINATION" you would have a knife??? Hahahs oh well ok OJ would be proud
Itz ReY
Itz ReY Bulan Yang lalu
Yes the intro 🙌
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Bulan Yang lalu
line belanger
line belanger Bulan Yang lalu
Cool....the skying glasses ❤️❤️❤️
ucity metalhead
ucity metalhead Bulan Yang lalu
The maxpedition mega rollypolly pouch is surprisingly useful as a simple edc bag I'd use the belt loop slot or put a couple of split rings on the back for shoulder strap attachment.
R L Bulan Yang lalu
Maybe if you read the instructions you wouldn’t break things
Andrew Bulan Yang lalu
First one looks more like burning man attire than EDC...
刘超永 Bulan Yang lalu
North Bear
North Bear Bulan Yang lalu
Alexandru Stoian
Alexandru Stoian Bulan Yang lalu
This is funny..with all your knives and cutters for boxes , you open the packages with hand :) indeed,it is the faster solution ;)
rusty shakelford
rusty shakelford Bulan Yang lalu
How bout some change holder gagets for your car?
You Tube
You Tube Bulan Yang lalu
Can you please make a video of gadgets you’ve gotten in the past and actually still use! 😊
crver Bulan Yang lalu
Is he in a... a... a theater ? Also... who would ever want to drive with knives in your cupholder?! That's just asking for trouble.
Will Budic
Will Budic Bulan Yang lalu
Pickers bag.
Jason Mclister
Jason Mclister Bulan Yang lalu
Harrison Waters
Harrison Waters Bulan Yang lalu
"Cup Knife-holder" for the serial killer on the go.... 19.99.
Cameron Saint 116
Cameron Saint 116 Bulan Yang lalu
19.95 if you use honey on your browser,after playing raid shadow legends using raycon wireless earbuds to listen
Baitkiller24 Bulan Yang lalu
4:35 ya hear that lady’s, it feels good in the back 🤣
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Bulan Yang lalu
Seth Luce
Seth Luce Bulan Yang lalu
@crazyrussianhacker its pronounced "SIR-amic" for ceramic
hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest!
hasaheadachenow Shirley you jest! Bulan Yang lalu
What are the knives for in the car?
anna Lewis
anna Lewis Bulan Yang lalu
michele bartholome
michele bartholome Bulan Yang lalu
what in the world would a person be doing with all those knives in a car?
Archie Dean
Archie Dean Bulan Yang lalu
Has my man got a cp hat on 🤣🤣
Jamil Makmuti
Jamil Makmuti Bulan Yang lalu
Kasper Bulan Yang lalu
It’s a mask for hooligans tho 0:30
SEMK_33 Bulan Yang lalu
Or roadmen
james bowman
james bowman Bulan Yang lalu
“Who uses compasses anymore?” lol.
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett Bulan Yang lalu
Have you ever used GPS or used Google maps for navigating to somewhere if so then you actually use a compass without even realizing it. And people who go hunting rely heavily on compasses so they can find their way back to their base camp , hikers also use them because GPS navigation isn't useful in the woods.
Jan Sigman
Jan Sigman Bulan Yang lalu
That hat with goggles would be good for blowing snow when it is windy
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
So repetitive
Campo de Demolicion
Campo de Demolicion Bulan Yang lalu
SNTXZ - Santi
SNTXZ - Santi Bulan Yang lalu
U got a fkn cinema in your house???
Piepkwiep Bulan Yang lalu
the baddery
Choruivaati Bulan Yang lalu
"keramic Blade" -Taras
donabb Bulan Yang lalu
Some people would smash your $500.00 car window to get at the $2.00 worth of change you have in your console.......just saying
Tony Orona
Tony Orona Bulan Yang lalu
Huh.....interesting head gear with the goggles. Could for sure be wearing that in the PNW :)
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Bulan Yang lalu
Why you have so many couch chairs taras?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah the knife holder is kinda pointless lol way to big
Chris Ould
Chris Ould Bulan Yang lalu
Wear a mask with sunglasses hat and knives in your car hmmmm
The Trump News Network
The Trump News Network Bulan Yang lalu
Hey Hey Hey ... that hat is from Bill Cosby's Fat Albert
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