10 Survival Lighters Waterproof Test

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10 Survival Lighters Waterproof Test - 6 Weirdest Gadgets on Amazon - idpost.info/clone/video/g6-128iptnequaw​

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Justin Laluga
Justin Laluga 6 hari yang lalu
package literally said FLOATING LITER. Tarus be like: "this is kind of light, i wonder if it floats? " lol we love you Tarus
Alaskan49th state
Alaskan49th state 29 hari yang lalu
Why would IDpost do that, you do show educational videos of survival items. You taught me a lot on survival items that are good.
Mark Limbaugh
Mark Limbaugh Bulan Yang lalu
Love this guy 👍
eduncha Bulan Yang lalu
Гут.. вэри гут!
Hugbear805 Bulan Yang lalu
Wow I haven’t watched since u were at 1mil I love the progress man
Pitchfork Rebel
Pitchfork Rebel Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost CFO: We're a liitle short this week. IDpost CEO: Even though we're screwing everybody on the right? IDpost CFO: Yes. IDpost CEO OK, I guess we'll just have to cheat non-political people too-we'll claim they aren't "professional".
TheAcidheat Bulan Yang lalu
exotac is the best
Chris Maust
Chris Maust Bulan Yang lalu
where did you get that safe knife was on your table
Yorochi Bulan Yang lalu
Наш человек
Suffyaan Ali
Suffyaan Ali Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost: see this humble man right here, let's take away his income
chris tinley
chris tinley Bulan Yang lalu
who is more professional then you??? IDpost knows nothing!! you are the one the only crazy Russian hacker!!!
Marquis Green
Marquis Green Bulan Yang lalu
Where Safety Is Nambawan Priority 👨‍🔬🧫
david rothwell
david rothwell Bulan Yang lalu
Screwtube strikes again! That's a really lame excuse for demonitzing your video!
bugatti1710 Bulan Yang lalu
this guy is professional at unboxing
Grandpa Sussie
Grandpa Sussie Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost’s becoming more and more soft
haljeti hazimi
haljeti hazimi Bulan Yang lalu
Nick Bulan Yang lalu
James Ellis
James Ellis Bulan Yang lalu
Ask IDpost... "how do you professionally review a lighter" I mean click it works
Person Incognito
Person Incognito Bulan Yang lalu
you must be a smoker with all those lighters
Adrien Allwein
Adrien Allwein Bulan Yang lalu
Didn’t he get married
JayJ Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost is pathetic
Kiran Francis
Kiran Francis Bulan Yang lalu
Where's the lighter you put for charge😂
K.F Outdoors
K.F Outdoors Bulan Yang lalu
I still have your letter you wrote me back when I was in sixth grade I’m now almost a junior, your a legend man.
K.F Outdoors
K.F Outdoors Bulan Yang lalu
My childhood....
Noah Wilcox
Noah Wilcox Bulan Yang lalu
krnekipac1 Bulan Yang lalu
Bloated Bumble Bee
Bloated Bumble Bee Bulan Yang lalu
Jeez IDpost, he's wearing safety glasses, what else do you want
Vins Experiment
Vins Experiment Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone is saying demonetize, is this video against community guidelines?
bayu andre
bayu andre Bulan Yang lalu
make one video,that show your collection of lighter or your tools,that will be good video,greeting from indonesia 🙏🙏🙏
jkbro boss
jkbro boss Bulan Yang lalu
hey can i ask what happened to the hammer and sickle
Mimmo Costanzo
Mimmo Costanzo Bulan Yang lalu
I love the way he describes and demonstrate the items. Good job 👏👍
Jiachen Dong
Jiachen Dong Bulan Yang lalu
I want to see the last video.
SeanDS89 Bulan Yang lalu
of all the people to demonetize, they choose Taras lol that's messed up YT, get it together lol
Gunnar Gaming
Gunnar Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
How can you unmonitise this guy he is literally the best guy you can promote for youtube
FANTOMphoenix Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost is becoming a lot worse every month.....
Mr. melon
Mr. melon Bulan Yang lalu
Cenan ¿
Cenan ¿ Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost says anything they want lol 🤦‍♂️
Jaakko Lehto
Jaakko Lehto Bulan Yang lalu
Oh nice you are showing them very professionally🧐👍🔥
Nicholas Piscitelli
Nicholas Piscitelli Bulan Yang lalu
I want to see the survival icemaker!
MightyE Mac
MightyE Mac Bulan Yang lalu
This video was lit just like the lighters
SlingshotMaster Bulan Yang lalu
I like your videos really cool gadgets
Alyssa Blackwell
Alyssa Blackwell Bulan Yang lalu
"A bulgey but a shorty"
lordmonkey the third
lordmonkey the third Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost: see this humble man right here, let's take away his income
Di M
Di M Bulan Yang lalu
Me checking his professionalism 🤔
Di M
Di M Bulan Yang lalu
Proceeds to put a plasma lighter in water 🙈
Arctickilla Bulan Yang lalu
Exotac lighter is the best one!!
Jason Pettit
Jason Pettit Bulan Yang lalu
Exotac is the best,better than all the rest
Rihsyan Adam Riansyah
Rihsyan Adam Riansyah Bulan Yang lalu
Shawshank Redemption
Shawshank Redemption Bulan Yang lalu
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Bulan Yang lalu
If this video get demonetizing IDpost have big problem with what he do
noor muhammad
noor muhammad Bulan Yang lalu
this guy really the best youtuber in the world
noor muhammad
noor muhammad Bulan Yang lalu
keep on boomin
91 Fox
91 Fox Bulan Yang lalu
Love the titan lite
Raul Guerra
Raul Guerra Bulan Yang lalu
Maybe coca cola complained about you burning holes in their coke cans unprofessionally
Martin Allfrey
Martin Allfrey Bulan Yang lalu
haha very likley
Will Budic
Will Budic Bulan Yang lalu
I would like to see an lighter fluid powered flashlight. :)
Andy Mercedes
Andy Mercedes Bulan Yang lalu
Your videos are brilliant 🙏
PlatFormingames :-/
PlatFormingames :-/ Bulan Yang lalu
It’s chuck proof just throws it against the wall
Dale Krasser
Dale Krasser Bulan Yang lalu
You should include a segment where you soak the lighters for multiple hours or multiple days. Awesome video👍👍
Jonathan Kulesa
Jonathan Kulesa Bulan Yang lalu
Best survival lighter: $1.75 Bic
DATT CTEN Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy Russian jerg off
Jason Fischer
Jason Fischer Bulan Yang lalu
who else is heading to taras's house in the apocalypse
bansheemania Bulan Yang lalu
Wouldn't make it to the Property line
G. A. Christian Bilou
G. A. Christian Bilou Bulan Yang lalu
I regret to inform you that it has become necessary to report your failure to meet the miminum required level of professionalism to the Ancient and Accepted International Society of Professional Survival Lighter Reviewers.
Venus Covus
Venus Covus Bulan Yang lalu
finally some professional reviews smh
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Bulan Yang lalu
Amor Dip
Amor Dip Bulan Yang lalu
love you brother
Videos4U Bulan Yang lalu
Lol cmon youtube 🤣
What To say?
What To say? Bulan Yang lalu
KomengBadeg Bulan Yang lalu
Where is part 6 of "Strange product in a can"
Renzo Ticheloven
Renzo Ticheloven Bulan Yang lalu
4:20 it says it on the packaging haha
Julian Yale
Julian Yale Bulan Yang lalu
Ps good video Boom!!!
tow master
tow master Bulan Yang lalu
packaging: floating lighter crh: this is very light weight lets see if it floats
Lakris Meme
Lakris Meme Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost its a joke!
Breaking Bud
Breaking Bud Bulan Yang lalu
11.2 million subscribers you must be making a small fortune from these video’s
Carla van de Pas
Carla van de Pas Bulan Yang lalu
Nice video. Very good explaining... knuff x
martin thomson
martin thomson Bulan Yang lalu
this guy has so many years behind him why demonitise him for something so trivial
William Wille
William Wille Bulan Yang lalu
How can they make that decision
Anton Erasmus
Anton Erasmus Bulan Yang lalu
It seems IDpost has a lot of "Stories" these days! Lots of IDposts having problems now days
CALMAX INC Bulan Yang lalu
Still waiting for the Boom....
M. Ahsan Irfan Chughtai
M. Ahsan Irfan Chughtai Bulan Yang lalu
I think you should give away every thing you unbox to gain more viewers and subscribers ✌🏻
Zack Stewart
Zack Stewart Bulan Yang lalu
That sure is some professional lighter handling!
B dubb
B dubb Bulan Yang lalu
Good vid. Keep it up.
rästik Bulan Yang lalu
wireless charging
Bubby nubs
Bubby nubs Bulan Yang lalu
Nice video taras 👍
freddy roman rodriguez rodriguez
freddy roman rodriguez rodriguez Bulan Yang lalu
Мне нравятся ваши видео, даже если я не говорю на вашем языке, только на испанском, и я не вижу субтитров на вашем канале, чтобы увидеть, что вы рассказываете нам о своих продуктах. Я понимаю, что было бы хорошо поставить Ссылка для покупки продуктов, которые вы тестируете.Привет с Канарских островов, Испания.
waterwixxxer Bulan Yang lalu
I learned how to handle lighters more safely thanks to this video and am more informed about what kinds of lighters I could buy. I found the video informative and entertaining.
waterwixxxer Bulan Yang lalu
@Vivek Mishra I found this video very professionally done and everything was handled as safely as it needed to be for the purpose of the video.
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra Bulan Yang lalu
Did you find it professional too ?
James A
James A Bulan Yang lalu
That's so crazy that you got demonitised over lighters. 🙄 I'm sorry about that
Kenan Rhys
Kenan Rhys Bulan Yang lalu
The intro is gone again 😅 for couple videos.
Umaru Bulan Yang lalu
nazitube strikes again! Love u Taras
Lumpymoose00 Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost is a dictatorship
Steven Newby
Steven Newby Bulan Yang lalu
Boom 💥
DragishKev Bulan Yang lalu
The dislikes are from IDpost employees
DragishKev Bulan Yang lalu
Richard Mika
Richard Mika Bulan Yang lalu
need to show the dam professional badge
RICK ROLLED{TRUTH} Bulan Yang lalu
Lighters )))))))
jeffery hamilton
jeffery hamilton Bulan Yang lalu
I liked the one that floats and is brightly colored, yellow I think.
Laksh Sharma
Laksh Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
Very nice
John Bulan Yang lalu
Very professional Mr Hacker 😎
Jack Wyatt
Jack Wyatt Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost pc video police. smh
Andri sport tv
Andri sport tv Bulan Yang lalu
Very gadget man
Among Aier
Among Aier Bulan Yang lalu
Boom! Love your videos😎.
Rosy Rivera
Rosy Rivera Bulan Yang lalu
Good morning taraz wooooo. Awesome. I like your videos you love. Love Great person. 😇😇😇
Johan Bulan Yang lalu
IDpost monitizes Belle Delphine but demonitizes an amazing entertainer reviewing lighters.
ashel Madtha
ashel Madtha Bulan Yang lalu
@Anjo 🤣
Anjo Bulan Yang lalu
Because of that new Karen CEO of youtube
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