100 Years Old Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test

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Marco Cheikha
Marco Cheikha Hari Yang lalu
Its the : Gadgik for me 😂
Lucille Craig
Lucille Craig Hari Yang lalu
Thse two mixers are probably meant to be used on eggs or to whip cream
2008 SAP
2008 SAP 2 hari yang lalu
Love when he opens many different kinds of food and I'm just sitting there thinking how interesting of a dinner he will be having.
Chef 3 hari yang lalu
7:52 glad to see he's still a meme man
Seani Mack
Seani Mack 3 hari yang lalu
I think the ones that you said were for shredding cheese are actually nutmeg grinders.
banqq 5 hari yang lalu
Why did he have cuts on his knuckles 😳
callen brad
callen brad 6 hari yang lalu
Hi Can I by it from you? the one that works fine.
EUDEN AJDINI 8 hari yang lalu
NoWonder 9 hari yang lalu
3:05, what did you punch jeez
Mark Allison
Mark Allison 10 hari yang lalu
That’s how they use to shred cheese 🤣
Sven Hoogkamp
Sven Hoogkamp 11 hari yang lalu
Isn't the second mixer a nut cracker? Like you put a nut under it pul the top and let go?
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell 13 hari yang lalu
I'm pretty sure the 'mixers' were cream whipping tools...
redman53me 14 hari yang lalu
Look like nutmeg grinders to me
Neverland Dream
Neverland Dream 17 hari yang lalu
It looks like it is a nutmeg grader...
Oana Blanaru
Oana Blanaru 19 hari yang lalu
The shredder is for chocolate
Oana Blanaru
Oana Blanaru 19 hari yang lalu
The gadget that looked like a spiral with a handle and the one before it are both for eggs
Marcel Habermann
Marcel Habermann 20 hari yang lalu
lol bro, the shredder is vor nutmeg :p
ryan barnes
ryan barnes 21 hari yang lalu
9:00 that's what she said 😂😂 Edit: 9:57 that's what she said 🤣🤣
mitesh sagar
mitesh sagar 26 hari yang lalu
Where was it...???!! In covid period it can be a great most useful stuff...
Neagu Marian
Neagu Marian 26 hari yang lalu
surender4ify 28 hari yang lalu
If he had of used a HARD cheese it might of worked better. Yep, nutmeg grinder was the first one........LOL
GM Danielson
GM Danielson Bulan Yang lalu
9:00 that's what she said.
Hxrryy Bulan Yang lalu
Great to see this guy is still going, my childhood right here
David Diaz
David Diaz Bulan Yang lalu
Cj Schneider
Cj Schneider Bulan Yang lalu
"Meat or cucumber n whatever your in too" lol.
Cheesy Sunday
Cheesy Sunday Bulan Yang lalu
The cans back then were pretty small. The average height of a male was 5,6 and the average height of a woman was 5,3 plus barely anyone was obese back then meaning the demand for food was lower then it is today
buttkrack Bulan Yang lalu
*G a j i c*
くコ:彡JΛКUŁТ Bulan Yang lalu
Bro i think u have Psoriasis on ur hands
Butch Cassidy
Butch Cassidy Bulan Yang lalu
Lorana Bobbitt could've used that hot dog holder
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Bulan Yang lalu
Did we devolve in this case..? This seems totally practical and useful.
Jamie Oneil
Jamie Oneil Bulan Yang lalu
Does he ever was his "gadjets" 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Muhammad Owen XIPS2
Muhammad Owen XIPS2 Bulan Yang lalu
Isaac Baumholser
Isaac Baumholser Bulan Yang lalu
It was so easy you only have to use two hand
Peterson’s Place
Peterson’s Place Bulan Yang lalu
Is Taras Kul a hoarder?
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Bulan Yang lalu
7:29 So
Esteban Brijbag
Esteban Brijbag Bulan Yang lalu
what happend to ur knockles taras
Katie Brooke
Katie Brooke Bulan Yang lalu
One is an egg whisk. The other is used to make creams and stuff
G . O . D
G . O . D Bulan Yang lalu
Did u punched on a wall bro???
Steven Guilkey jr
Steven Guilkey jr Bulan Yang lalu
He got those Russian KGB knuckles
Ivar Andre
Ivar Andre Bulan Yang lalu
I was thinking the one whisk was for making mashed potatoes, the other for milk, and that the grinders in the end was for nutmeg/truffles and/or garlic.
call mee charlie
call mee charlie Bulan Yang lalu
Whatchu said 2:44
Amu M
Amu M Bulan Yang lalu
Him using those egg beaters for mixing flour is just killing me!!
Khem Pyakurel
Khem Pyakurel 11 hari yang lalu
it was also frustrating me
Maddie’s wonder World
Maddie’s wonder World Bulan Yang lalu
Happy birthday!
Treyon Daren
Treyon Daren Bulan Yang lalu
14:12, isnt that one used to grind nutmeg instead lol?
Aziz Alkadi
Aziz Alkadi Bulan Yang lalu
What happened to the back of your hand
Rio_Dejuann Bulan Yang lalu
Respectfully. What do you be doing to your hands ?? 🍍
caveman Bulan Yang lalu
13:14 WHAT
Rachel Julius
Rachel Julius Bulan Yang lalu
Bro you get inna fight?
netgod3com Bulan Yang lalu
The shredder is probably meant for nutmeg.
Rusbee Bulan Yang lalu
9:28 these are use to squeeze smaller lemons
Rusbee Bulan Yang lalu
9:18 Taras: Ohh wow that's a lot of juice Phil swift : now that's a lot of squeeze!!
Zakariae Le
Zakariae Le Bulan Yang lalu
the last gadget is for garlic
logan novian
logan novian Bulan Yang lalu
I’m fried an when he said “oopsie” I laughed🤣and it was at 4:20
Steph Bulan Yang lalu
Cheese shredder could me used for nut
Hugo Blanchette
Hugo Blanchette Bulan Yang lalu
comming in
Hugo Blanchette
Hugo Blanchette Bulan Yang lalu
stovetop my granny
Hugo Blanchette
Hugo Blanchette Bulan Yang lalu
very very faché lama ©
Hugo Blanchette
Hugo Blanchette Bulan Yang lalu
Hugo Blanchette
Hugo Blanchette Bulan Yang lalu
i know you
Kile Reeds
Kile Reeds Bulan Yang lalu
those shredders look more like garlic or onion mincers
Gaby Alex
Gaby Alex Bulan Yang lalu
Very ingenious and simple kitchen tools 🙂
J Cog
J Cog Bulan Yang lalu
I wish you had one more can to open.
Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans Bulan Yang lalu
And ur so thick with the gadgets do ur research
Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans Bulan Yang lalu
Still wondering what he punched
Vincent Scalise
Vincent Scalise Bulan Yang lalu
Everything's a cheese "grinder" apparently
Gamer gore
Gamer gore Bulan Yang lalu
My question is what do you do with all the food you use for your videos?
Wendy Nowell
Wendy Nowell 3 hari yang lalu
He has farm
Dorián Csala
Dorián Csala Bulan Yang lalu
At the end the “cheese shredder” is actualli a nutneg shredder😂😂
VRGamerz Bulan Yang lalu
those are called frothers for frothing eggs.
Paul Pietruszewski
Paul Pietruszewski Bulan Yang lalu
Those are nutmeg grinders.
Rohan Amer
Rohan Amer Bulan Yang lalu
You can use hand
marj goleta
marj goleta Bulan Yang lalu
you have wound in your hands
Joe Settagooch
Joe Settagooch Bulan Yang lalu
Boom lemons were mini lemons back in the day boom
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson Bulan Yang lalu
yeah.. the last 2 were for nutmeg.. they do look cool though
Mego 420
Mego 420 Bulan Yang lalu
5:00 so awesome so easy i just can do it with two hands
Dean Waddell
Dean Waddell Bulan Yang lalu
Did he fight a tree before he filmed this?
krnekipac1 Bulan Yang lalu
srabon hasan
srabon hasan Bulan Yang lalu
Bro what are you punching!!?
man pizza
man pizza Bulan Yang lalu
this man is still at it, wonderful
Jordan T
Jordan T Bulan Yang lalu
9:42 bruh he kept putting them facing up😂
bonita groy
bonita groy Bulan Yang lalu
the first stirrer is for eggs the second is a potato masher
YB E Bulan Yang lalu
It's a nutmeg grinder!!!
Lesný Muž
Lesný Muž Bulan Yang lalu
last two is for garlic i think
Rawya Momani
Rawya Momani Bulan Yang lalu
If I fits I sits ❤😂
Ivan Ushakov
Ivan Ushakov Bulan Yang lalu
Try use those shredders for the garlic
Liz Nielsen
Liz Nielsen Bulan Yang lalu
The cheese shredders are actually for nutmeg.
Szczupak Szakur
Szczupak Szakur Bulan Yang lalu
Bardzo ładne pamiątki zabytkowe
jimmyb524 Bulan Yang lalu
I wonder if Katherine goes to get a can of what ever she’s cooking that night and you used it for your videos lol
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
What happened to his knuckles??!! Is he also the crazy Russian Boxer??!! 🤣😂🤣
Michele Gwathmey
Michele Gwathmey Bulan Yang lalu
the cheese graters would work if it was hard cheese like Parmesan.
Vahn Jabarian
Vahn Jabarian Bulan Yang lalu
You need a introduction
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire Bulan Yang lalu
This is how they used to shred cheese. Ok bro lol
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire Bulan Yang lalu
So much leverage
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire Bulan Yang lalu
@2:15 I think its used as a knife guard too
Think Pad
Think Pad Bulan Yang lalu
Dude,are you sure the last ones were for cheese? they look like garlic shredders to me.
Charles Fredrick
Charles Fredrick Bulan Yang lalu
For Christ's sake enough with the what happened to your knuckles comments.
Hope Morningstar
Hope Morningstar Bulan Yang lalu
The second mixing thing isn’t a mixer it’s for mashed potatoes
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ Bulan Yang lalu
Jeremy Dignomo Dacles
Jeremy Dignomo Dacles Bulan Yang lalu
I'm here for him saying the intro, gajeks and boom. Ah wait there's more.. how kul is that.
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
11:17 Kinda getting stuck whenever it too thick 😅😁
8eibi7 Bulan Yang lalu
That Cheesegrater (most likely both of them) is defo for a Nutmeg
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