6 EDC Gadgets Actually Worth Buying #3

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10 Weirdest Things on Amazon - #30 - idpost.info/clone/video/nKqUlsOHk4nAmJM

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person 7 hari yang lalu
i have biger theater
joselito diaz
joselito diaz Bulan Yang lalu
where could i buy those stuff?
MechMinded Bulan Yang lalu
All of that was tat.
Shex Daniar
Shex Daniar Bulan Yang lalu
4:00 sim card ejector😊
GODUS FF Bulan Yang lalu
eminem Bulan Yang lalu
i miss the experiments
Robert Bailie
Robert Bailie Bulan Yang lalu
What dose EDC mean ?
Cole Purdie
Cole Purdie Bulan Yang lalu
thank god you’re doing the intros again 🤣
Marquis Green
Marquis Green Bulan Yang lalu
Where Safety Is Numbawan Priority 👨‍🔬🧫
M J Bulan Yang lalu
Dude have a movie theater 😎🤑👍
Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. Bulan Yang lalu
Nice Russian movie theater
Stefan Rosu
Stefan Rosu Bulan Yang lalu
There are the same glasess from 8 years ago man:)))good memories
Phil Shiny Mears
Phil Shiny Mears Bulan Yang lalu
Where can i buy some of these gadgets ?
matt s
matt s Bulan Yang lalu
"world's brightest Keychain light I'm going to call it" they literally make that same light in 4000 lumens. That one's 500
Raven Images
Raven Images Bulan Yang lalu
The little pin of for removing the SIM from an iPhone
Chirpy Mike
Chirpy Mike Bulan Yang lalu
Key ring krap
I'm actually watching you on TV right now bro 😄 " The laboratory with CRH, love the show 👍
tata Zabby
tata Zabby Bulan Yang lalu
Every video you will hear: B00m
Its Zenjii
Its Zenjii Bulan Yang lalu
Hey I’m about to go on a RoadTrip from Florida to colorado!! Make a RoadTrip gadget test
Ali Sha'bani
Ali Sha'bani Bulan Yang lalu
His wallpaper tho
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero Bulan Yang lalu
ramhari khadka
ramhari khadka Bulan Yang lalu
Xardozify KnaZ
Xardozify KnaZ Bulan Yang lalu
Hey babe '' yeah ? '' Let's buy a 12 seat movie theatre ,.
Tabby Ramone
Tabby Ramone Bulan Yang lalu
Turas, when you test food gadgets what do you do with the food?
Michelle Muckey
Michelle Muckey Bulan Yang lalu
Use the pick for a defense weapon for women
styen dimpu
styen dimpu Bulan Yang lalu
Cal Travels
Cal Travels Bulan Yang lalu
a few videos ago he tried it, got comments, then asked for likes to see how many people want it back and there were enough to convince him to bring it back permanently
freerice9595 Bulan Yang lalu
Intro is an auto upvote from me
Elyzabeth Vibez
Elyzabeth Vibez Bulan Yang lalu
Does the flashlight keychain charge ?
Matt Hubbard
Matt Hubbard Bulan Yang lalu
That’s a dang shank 😬
Rana Status
Rana Status Bulan Yang lalu
All gadgets how to purchase sites ???
Rob Costanza
Rob Costanza Bulan Yang lalu
did your English get worse lol?
Stevie D
Stevie D Bulan Yang lalu
Hi Crazy Russian Man can you tell me if the small kitchen light what you can put on your keys where it get it's power from battery or does you charge it up?
Arjun Singh Kushwah
Arjun Singh Kushwah Bulan Yang lalu
Tactical Gamer
Tactical Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
Best Russian existing on planet earth
Sean Reeves
Sean Reeves Bulan Yang lalu
Nite core also makes a 1k lumen micro light with a screen it is amazing
krnekipac1 Bulan Yang lalu
ConsultingHumor Bulan Yang lalu
Taras that's a shiv bro
Josh Collier
Josh Collier Bulan Yang lalu
that pin is for the sim card tray to reject the sim card
joe slob
joe slob Bulan Yang lalu
Bob Jazzman
Bob Jazzman Bulan Yang lalu
Wait, what happened to the solar panel? Does it work, cause it looked like it was junk.
Butch Porter
Butch Porter Bulan Yang lalu
There is actually an iPhone version of that keychain charging cable, available on Amazon. Love the vids! Keep it up!
MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers
MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers Bulan Yang lalu
I loved it that you have your wife's photo as your wallpaper ❤️😭
AME BVolTs Bulan Yang lalu
Pazision 0:48 1:01 Thanks me later
Cenan ¿
Cenan ¿ Bulan Yang lalu
Nadia Marsile
Nadia Marsile Bulan Yang lalu
Klaudijus digimas
Klaudijus digimas Bulan Yang lalu
Did he move to a different house
Daywalker Bulan Yang lalu
The iPhone 12 still has the hole for the needle
Dennis White
Dennis White Bulan Yang lalu
I would use the ice pick to pick boogers from my nose.
D Bartholomew
D Bartholomew Bulan Yang lalu
Really stretching the definition of EDC with some of these gadgeks 😂
Anonymous Bulan Yang lalu
i think Turas is wanting us to know he has a movie theater in his house flexing on us
刘超永 Bulan Yang lalu
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone know where I can buy that ice pick?
DMC Dante88
DMC Dante88 Bulan Yang lalu
Hey, your intro clip is back!!!
PHATKAT Bulan Yang lalu
Mans said "or a bear" with that little spike key chain. Russians are on some shiii xD You have to be a god to win that fight lol Much love though
WOW Bulan Yang lalu
Who else is CRH's fan from the beginning and miss those eye glass and the intro "Safety is the first priority"?
The Gman's Ganja
The Gman's Ganja Bulan Yang lalu
I know what you mean, my mans changed
Sebastian Renke
Sebastian Renke Bulan Yang lalu
He said it.
Skhaled04 Bulan Yang lalu
I love his accent
boss tycoon
boss tycoon Bulan Yang lalu
Taras can you try the Nitecore T4K, it’s a 4,000 lumen keychain light 💡
Keif H
Keif H Bulan Yang lalu
Oooooooohhhh home cinema Well done Taras 🙏 ❤ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
clodwolf Bulan Yang lalu
Chilling in his theater
Arts and crafts TV
Arts and crafts TV Bulan Yang lalu
Great full
Peterama Bulan Yang lalu
an animal or a bear ....the best
Mike Abramow
Mike Abramow Bulan Yang lalu
I thought bears were animals
arthur zeller
arthur zeller Bulan Yang lalu
Does Taras have a movie theater in his house lol
Matte Edström
Matte Edström Bulan Yang lalu
What's so funny about that? I know 4-5 ppl who have that in their home^^
Hummm What
Hummm What Bulan Yang lalu
can you give prices and where to get things . Id like the little flashlight for the key ring
aaronpiper92 Bulan Yang lalu
8:14 “use your imagination what you will be using it for” me: ouch
Bert Kelly
Bert Kelly Bulan Yang lalu
MAH= milli amp hours
Toys, Reading, and More
Toys, Reading, and More Bulan Yang lalu
Keep up the awesome videos 🙂
David Mommerency
David Mommerency Bulan Yang lalu
What do you do with all those gadjicks?
Matte Edström
Matte Edström Bulan Yang lalu
He gives them to charityshops.
Wesley Madsen
Wesley Madsen Bulan Yang lalu
My EDC gadget propels lead objects 2200fps
TheWolf997 Bulan Yang lalu
the little metal thing is a sim extractor. i think that EDC is a big ward for some of this product ahah i need a suitcase for all of this ahah
Simon Yakopatros
Simon Yakopatros Bulan Yang lalu
Actually mah stands for milli amp hours
David Long
David Long Bulan Yang lalu
This guy is awesome he's a legend
TECHON TV Bulan Yang lalu
Can we talk about how hard this dude is ballin from making IDpost videos? Dude has a theater!
Aviel Cohen
Aviel Cohen Bulan Yang lalu
He totally deserves it! Most humble IDpost content creator.
Hori Yosi
Hori Yosi Bulan Yang lalu
I guess he deserves it after showing us all these gadjicks.
Mark Stefura
Mark Stefura Bulan Yang lalu
What happened with the solar panel charger you started off with???
Nathan Aswell
Nathan Aswell Bulan Yang lalu
So many keys lol. At least take your second car key off and put it somewhere safe just in case.
Jefferson Fjeld
Jefferson Fjeld Bulan Yang lalu
As an Integrator and custom A/V tech I really want to see the rest of your home theater!? Lol
Snixbæ Bulan Yang lalu
6:24 perfect for painter
Henry Woodlock
Henry Woodlock Bulan Yang lalu
There were two more "Gadjects" after the "Allen Wrench" that Taras didn't show 🔧😂
TapToRap Bulan Yang lalu
Its the end of the vide...
John Queen
John Queen Bulan Yang lalu
Didn't know that you are in north carolina. Got to love north Carolina. Home sweet home
Rob G
Rob G Bulan Yang lalu
I wish everyone would just give your videos a thumbs up. Love your content bro.
Abraham Galicia
Abraham Galicia Bulan Yang lalu
8:58 i want to buy that flashlight but isn't on Amazon 😭
Weaponry Waffle
Weaponry Waffle Bulan Yang lalu
That little Keychain flashlight is amazing
R W Bulan Yang lalu
Still like the safety message...
SirWalter Bulan Yang lalu
TARAS gonna fight off a bear with an icepick. Well he is Crazy Russian Hacker.
Ron Spina
Ron Spina Bulan Yang lalu
That’s so cool 😊🖤😎
Sith Yarael
Sith Yarael Bulan Yang lalu
Still waiting for something worth buying.
jsoeph bury
jsoeph bury Bulan Yang lalu
I think this gy has done worse than murdering cans
khaled esk
khaled esk Bulan Yang lalu
I want you to review the tent lanshane 2 pro plz 👍🥰
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Bulan Yang lalu
Taras's Movie room is LIT! :-D
Darkblade Cz
Darkblade Cz Bulan Yang lalu
3:53 that is sim tool
DJ Tyler
DJ Tyler Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing that you are still making videos
LaTrail LLoonngg
LaTrail LLoonngg Bulan Yang lalu
Why is nobody talking bout his wallpaper
lucky43113 Bulan Yang lalu
It's just his wife
MICHAEL Bulan Yang lalu
I always think your talking about gadgets for a edc concert lol
Bettina Cecilia Silveira
Bettina Cecilia Silveira Bulan Yang lalu
9:13 because I would carry everyday a big chuncky flashlight.....
Tom L.
Tom L. Bulan Yang lalu
Low key flexing with his home movie theater..
Mo Shine
Mo Shine Bulan Yang lalu
@4.20 that is a simi ejector
Stef Bulan Yang lalu
Nice intro is back 😁
Shaheed Security Systems
Shaheed Security Systems Bulan Yang lalu
First comment woohoooo 👾💩💀👿😡🤬
neoaliphant Bulan Yang lalu
The pick can be used with knots, to loosen etc.
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