9 Weirdest Things on Amazon #31

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100 Years Old Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - idpost.info/clone/video/hteq1dCAy5ei1bg​
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West Side
West Side 9 hari yang lalu
Whats the name of that pen. That comes with paper
sad kapa.
sad kapa. 10 hari yang lalu
Do you have a movie theatre at home??
Orutakawa Teng'a'
Orutakawa Teng'a' 12 hari yang lalu
The paper roll pen is a cheat sheet holder.
Link The Fox
Link The Fox 14 hari yang lalu
when I went camping as a kid I was taught to wash clothes in a bucket with a little bit of laundry powder or a laundry pod, i didn't have gloves and i also had to learn how to clean myself with just a bucket and sponge too
flip It 15J
flip It 15J 24 hari yang lalu
Luis Colunga
Luis Colunga 26 hari yang lalu
Yup works like regular glass
BLITZKRIEG 26 hari yang lalu
ryan barnes
ryan barnes 27 hari yang lalu
7:25 let's plug it in 🤣
Shuhel Alam
Shuhel Alam 27 hari yang lalu
Matte Edström
Matte Edström 28 hari yang lalu
He knows nothing on physics^^ A heavy weight spins longer then a light weight^^
Ricardo Jimenez
Ricardo Jimenez 29 hari yang lalu
you should hire an editor
Jeremy Blevins
Jeremy Blevins Bulan Yang lalu
I'm curious what you anticipated any alternative to "yep works like a regular glass" to be lol
skyrmiz Bulan Yang lalu
Lets try to drink, o wow, aple juice 🤣
Erika Hallman
Erika Hallman Bulan Yang lalu
Where can I find the light switch
Matte Edström
Matte Edström 28 hari yang lalu
AMAZON ffs as the video states^^
Samuel Goldman
Samuel Goldman Bulan Yang lalu
Why u stpd the video?
Samuel Goldman
Samuel Goldman Bulan Yang lalu
Like dldo vibrator etc?
Nathaniel Shrock
Nathaniel Shrock Bulan Yang lalu
The real question is; did he keep and reinstall the geared light switch covered?
IIGrayfoxII Bulan Yang lalu
One could change the resistance with that switch by changing the gearsets.
Anees Mahdi
Anees Mahdi Bulan Yang lalu
1:40 first product has some kind socket for adapter or power supply
Robbin Red
Robbin Red Bulan Yang lalu
Works like a regular glass
adam taranowski
adam taranowski Bulan Yang lalu
I had one of those plasma mugs and it randomly exploded one day. Be careful with it 😀
Sajed ck
Sajed ck Bulan Yang lalu
Who else see taras video on 1.5x speed
Aaron Hupp
Aaron Hupp Bulan Yang lalu
.75x=VODKA Taras 🥃 🥃😆
Animegirl's channel
Animegirl's channel Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you!
ernie evangelista
ernie evangelista Bulan Yang lalu
Clean it first before using it man
You Tube
You Tube Bulan Yang lalu
wheres the intro?!?😪😭😢
Joe Shakalaka
Joe Shakalaka Bulan Yang lalu
“Yup works like a regular glass”
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly Bulan Yang lalu
The last product, looked like a lava lamp, kind of. (:
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly Bulan Yang lalu
Taras- "It's a vacuum glass, inside of there." Hilarious, bro
Ken Waid
Ken Waid Bulan Yang lalu
A whole tide pod for one T-shirt 50 rinse cycles later maybe the last of the soap residue will be gone.
Brent Edwards
Brent Edwards Bulan Yang lalu
The first product was from eBay 😂
Kelton Hoyland
Kelton Hoyland Bulan Yang lalu
Taras getting very lazy with these videos
Tejvir Bulan Yang lalu
He got cinema in house
Kos5022 Bulan Yang lalu
Stefan Rosu
Stefan Rosu Bulan Yang lalu
With the paper pen you can cheat at your math test
Mike Time
Mike Time Bulan Yang lalu
I'm getting steam punk themes from this video 👉😎👉
viki Tech
viki Tech Bulan Yang lalu
Elijah Leigh
Elijah Leigh Bulan Yang lalu
why you wasring
Ingun Jon
Ingun Jon Bulan Yang lalu
Did you abandon your dogs
Innocent Bulan Yang lalu
14:44 The elegant way to pass the exams!
MikesCrazySkills Bulan Yang lalu
hey guys i made a song for Taras, crazyrussianhacker song
Pat Delaney
Pat Delaney Bulan Yang lalu
"Wow thats spinning fast" as it spins about as fast as if you stuck your hand in the sink and spun it around 😂
Atlas Bulan Yang lalu
Heavenly middle of the night water 2:05
K. Khant
K. Khant Bulan Yang lalu
Him : oh its gonna fly!. Me : oh he’s so funny ! Him : Nope Me : ?????..
Marcus Tuuhetoka
Marcus Tuuhetoka Bulan Yang lalu
7:46 Yeah it goes in pretty deep in there........😛
Timmy Chow
Timmy Chow Bulan Yang lalu
“Works like a regular glass”😂😂
Timix100 Bulan Yang lalu
This guy is great
Dulal Chowdhury
Dulal Chowdhury Bulan Yang lalu
Fans already seen this mug on taras kul cannel
Slayer Runefrost
Slayer Runefrost Bulan Yang lalu
Says "Items from Amazon" clearly says he bought the first one on eBay
xXelementafoXx Bulan Yang lalu
anyone else miss the experiments he used to do with dry ice or other things.
Daniel Trellez
Daniel Trellez Bulan Yang lalu
Hi taras
S D Bulan Yang lalu
Yep, works like a regular glass... 🤣
Gaurang Agrawal
Gaurang Agrawal Bulan Yang lalu
16:28 that's what she said 🤣🤣
Michael Cabrera
Michael Cabrera Bulan Yang lalu
Tries to say, "coaster" Says "cozie" Edited subtitle: "coster"😂😂😂
Tyler Tipke
Tyler Tipke Bulan Yang lalu
A sunclock
Danielle Bulan Yang lalu
7:01 I need to make this my Tinder bio
White 12 hari yang lalu
This deserves more likes lol
Pranith Pinaka
Pranith Pinaka Bulan Yang lalu
Intro is gone..... Again
H V Bulan Yang lalu
Ever Had the Mandela Effect? Revelations, Braggs, Kit-Kat, Proctor Gamble, Cheverolet, Dilemna, google, Linkdin, Korn Flakes, Vasoline, Depends, Tidy Cat, Dr.Pepper, Chic-Fill-a, J.C. Penny, Phillips, Sunkist, Harley Davison, Febreeze, Draino, Spaulding, Jiffy, Etch-A-Sketch, Lil Tykes, DR Doolitle, Bruce Springstein, Vlassic, Haas, Seasame St, Stay Puff, Hi Ho Silver, K-mart, addidas, Looney Toons, Fruit Loops, Malteasers, Smokey the Bear, Nikki Minaj, Nicholas Cage, Steven Segal, Oscar Meyer, Wookie, Penzoil, Dextron, Sally Fields, Christopher Reeves, The Handmaidens Tale, Fruit of the Loom having the Cornucopia, " nobody-does-it-like-Sara-lee ", None of the ABOVE exist anymore the way they were???
Anime Generation
Anime Generation 27 hari yang lalu
Lopamudra Jena
Lopamudra Jena Bulan Yang lalu
Packet pen
Vinod Krishnan
Vinod Krishnan Bulan Yang lalu
Where’s the intro?
Laksh Sharma
Laksh Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
Very nice
Romer Castellano
Romer Castellano Bulan Yang lalu
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Bulan Yang lalu
My movie theater has carpet, let me try there
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ Bulan Yang lalu
Paper pen definitely good for like in a car. Cool
Nahid Vai
Nahid Vai Bulan Yang lalu
We need intro at first!
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ Bulan Yang lalu
Pretty cool stuff today
Hunter G
Hunter G Bulan Yang lalu
why is the camera flickering randomly
Rob Cosentino
Rob Cosentino Bulan Yang lalu
The pen with the paper inside would be great for autographs.
floww88 Bulan Yang lalu
That light switch thing was pretty cool
Josh Cordero
Josh Cordero Bulan Yang lalu
Where’s the intro?! 😰
mousky1967 Bulan Yang lalu
"It works like a regular glass" Priceless. Also just use water instead of wasting juice, pop, milk or whatever you usually use.
Sir Riz
Sir Riz Bulan Yang lalu
Where is the intro? What happened? :(
Jason Gib
Jason Gib Bulan Yang lalu
That s really funny, taras picks up glass and takes a drink ohhh that works like regular glass hahaha
Jim Bulan Yang lalu
Ok,I count 8 batteries. Happy St.Patrick's Day
Velocity - Abandoned Places
Velocity - Abandoned Places Bulan Yang lalu
9 weirdest things on Amazon - "That happens sometimes when you buy stuff on Ebay." (0:37)
Joe Shakalaka
Joe Shakalaka Bulan Yang lalu
For real huh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin James
Justin James Bulan Yang lalu
-The Wolf Cookie-
-The Wolf Cookie- Bulan Yang lalu
He lied
UnidosEnLuz Bulan Yang lalu
Joseph Rubin
Joseph Rubin Bulan Yang lalu
It's almost like a spinning top gyroscope... exactly.
Happy Days
Happy Days Bulan Yang lalu
Love love love the light switch ❤️. Miss the welcome /safety intro sooooo much - it is just brilliant -.please come back Xx
Rotten Trails
Rotten Trails Bulan Yang lalu
title says amazon "i got it from ebay"
RA Bulan Yang lalu
Say hi guys first tf 🤣
Daniel Kowalski
Daniel Kowalski Bulan Yang lalu
Caitlin1928 Bulan Yang lalu
That portable washer made me think of all those people with their converted home vans. They could totally use that portable washer.
Chad 2 hari yang lalu
@DickOswald I mean anyone can hand wash, the same argument could be made against full size washing machines as well. It’s for convenience. A small electric washer is more convenient.
DickOswald Bulan Yang lalu
What about just handwash
Michael Scottland
Michael Scottland Bulan Yang lalu
*Chernobyl flavored apple juice.*
Chris Died
Chris Died Bulan Yang lalu
"Twist this way on off and twist this way on off" i know exacly what you mean!
DamplyDoo Bulan Yang lalu
Those plasma mugs are very easy to break. I had one
MaryEllen Brown
MaryEllen Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Anything made of glass is easy to break.
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu
Andrew J
Andrew J Bulan Yang lalu
Yep, works like a regular glass...
Lunar Komet
Lunar Komet Bulan Yang lalu
Shocking I know
rolls Royce
rolls Royce Bulan Yang lalu
That's a pretty good washing machine and if ur a student and on wage get that
David Bulan Yang lalu
That t-shirt was dirty!
Pete Gannon
Pete Gannon Bulan Yang lalu
Put some silicone grease on that top! Please.
Toys, Reading, and More
Toys, Reading, and More Bulan Yang lalu
Keep up the awesome videos 🙂
Abufaza3_Gam3r Bulan Yang lalu
taras logic: its pretty vintage but this one kinda new.
Subordinant Bulan Yang lalu
Someone should make a plasma bong
TorontoWasteMan Bulan Yang lalu
What do you do with all these things from your videos? Your house must be FILLED.
Nicholas Yip
Nicholas Yip Bulan Yang lalu
Think you can handle durian again?
Heinrich von Spychów
Heinrich von Spychów Bulan Yang lalu
Maxi Show
Maxi Show Bulan Yang lalu
Если ты это читаешь, подпишись🔥🔥🔥канал того стоит😇
Owen Fudge
Owen Fudge Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbs up if you been watching since early crh!! Early gang
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie Bulan Yang lalu
Big Clive will like this
alan kemp
alan kemp Bulan Yang lalu
wow thats cool like it
Nothing Special
Nothing Special Bulan Yang lalu
You are like a crazy russian person to me
Orkhan Mammadov
Orkhan Mammadov Bulan Yang lalu
13:48 Pen: *writing* RussianHacker: Boom 🤯
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